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This Integrated Manpower and Recruitment Information system is specialized computer based software which is useful to manage Manpower Agencies / Recruitment Agencies easily with different control system. This software both can be used OFFLINE & ONLINE at a time which is maintained in your own Database System so that no one can excess your secured data.


We are presents a new and highly advanced recruitment software called IMRIS (Integrated Manpower and Recruitment Information System) –an innovative product specially designed for manpower/recruitment agencies. IMRIS is an affordable, easy to use application designed to manage the whole manpower recruitment processes. It is a browser-based application, designed to run on a single computer or through several computers in the corporate network. Since it is Internet ready, your foreign principals can easily access applicant information anytime and anywhere across the globe.

Why Do Recruitment Agencies Need IMRIS?

  • IRIS keeps track of the following recruitment information: Personal Info, Family Info, Educational Info, Employment Record, Interview Report, Training Evaluation, Deployment Record, Amount Paid, Guarantors, Complaints, Host Country Report and Status Report
  • Maintain a database of your company’s applicants without the hassle of juggling through volumes of hard copy resumes.
  • Quickly track application processes according to new application, pending, approved, denied or cancelled categories.
  • Allow you to do a specific search for previous records without going through rough filing cabinets.
  • Ability to process thousands of applicant information.
  • Track payment status of the applicants and allows you to check on unpaid services.
  • Send email resumes directly to clients/principals.
  • Can be integrated to your company’s website to allow data sharing between you and your clients, both in the local and foreign market.
  • Generate applicant lists and reports according to the status of the application, position being applied for, and the date the application was filed.
  • Ability to connect multiple branches to share the same information regardless of locations.

Why Manpower Agencies Need IMRIS?

  • Minimize cost due to decreased paperwork, international fax transmission.
  • Allows you to effortlessly retrieve and view each applicant file for easy reference and update.
  • Increased productivity. IMRIS allows you to do more things with less time.
  • Allow you to do a specific search for previous records without going through rough filing cabinets.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by allowing principals to view their applicant information anytime, anywhere.
  • Secure company data by making information available only on a need-to-know basis.
  • Easy to use application eliminating the need for expensive trainings.

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We can provide a high quality, integrated reliable set of market-leading solutions to satisfy your daily analysis and design needs from concept design right through to the production.
We have following standards to provide best and quality results for our clients. Large workforce and scalability,One stop delivery center,360° skill sets,Personalized Service,Direct access to management,Registered with Govt. Bodies,10 years experience,Large portfolio and client
We understand that it is much easier for a client to work with a software development outsourcing vendor if it can tailor its processes to the form acceptable for the client, than to work with a company that demands to adjust client's processes just to follow some internal standard..
AGT Solutions FZE solves computer problems, provides IT support and is a knowledgeable resource when you need expert IT advice. We offer a variety of services designed to meet the needs of small businesses, medical practices, and IT professionals. Our team of IT consultants is easily accessible and committed to delivering high quality technical support and guidance

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AGT Solutions FZE was established 1994 in Ajman Free Zone, United Arab Emirates.

AGT Solutions certified and total infrastructure outsourcing company in UAE that delivers high performance business solutions and professional services.

We are widely recognized for our reliable capabilities with skilled software engineers and other IT professionals.

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We have following standard skills and expertices to provide best and quality results for our clients.

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