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Telephone Cost Management System Dubai


Teletiger is a computer program running on one or more PC’s which receives data about telephone calls from a PABX (company telephone exchange) over a wire joining the PC to the PABX. The data sent to the TCMS is called an SMDR (Station Message Detail Record) and contains very basic information about a telephone call, such as the number dialled, extension and duration. The TCMS uses this basic data to calculate the proper cost for the call and stores the results in a database which is used to generate reports, track costs, payments and so forth. The PABX may also send other data to the TCMS (such as PABX system status) while the TCMS may send data in the other direction, such as an instruction to the PABX to prevent a certain extension from dialling internationally, because of non-payment of bills.

You can have all of this with a TeleTiger telephone cost management system. TeleTiger is a computer program that runs on an ordinary PC attached to your telephone exchange. TeleTiger gives you regular reports and full control of your employees’ telephone spending.

  • Total cost information NOW without waiting for the bills
  • Cost per extension or department.
  • Separate costs for PERSONAL and BUSINESS calls.
  • Reports and Menus in Arabic and/or English?
  • Single or MULTI-USER.
  • Special versions for Compounds, Hospitals and HOTELS.
  • Full installation, TRAINING and continuous SUPPORT.
  • Fully featured 32-bit professional TCMS designed for mission-critical high-volume multiple site applications.
  • Flexible and customisable and is always configured exactly to the individual needs of the specific customer.
  • Fully supports both Gregorian and Hijri dates.
  • Fully supports for LAN, WAN or by dial-up access.
  • Can use either Microsoft SQL or Microsoft Access as its database format. Other formats can also be provided.

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